Toni Kostian


Chef Toni Kostian describes his cuisine as tasty, focused, plant-based and inspiring. He likes to concentrate on high quality ingredients and preparing them so that everything he does to them is to only get that ingredient better. Chef Toni even makes own preserves for his restaurant during the spring, summer and fall. He feels that is the only way to get interesting ingredients during cold winter months when nothing grows in Finland.

Chef Toni is very passionate about creating new in his restaurant Grön which he started with his colleague Lauri Kähkönen in 2016 in Helsinki. Besides cooking chef Toni focuses on the atmosphere in his restaurant. He wants his guests to be happy, relaxed and feel welcomed. As a result of his exceptional cooking and relaxed atmosphere restaurant Grön was nominated the Best Restaurant 2017 by Finnish Gastronomic Society in January.

One way for Chef Toni to develop his skills and challenge himself is to take part of the competitions.  In 2009 he became 2nd at Dubai National Junior Challenge and in 2010 he was on the 3rd place at Wales Battle of the Dragon Culinary Competition. In 2012 chef Toni was Finland´s candidate at WACS culinary Olympics and was on the 7th place. From 2011 to 2012 Chef Toni was the captain of Finnish Culinary Team. And after trying three times for Finland´s Chef of the Year, he won the title in 2016.

His favorite food memories are from Lapland where he cooks fish and vegetables on an open fire with his friends after a day of fishing by the rivers of Lapland. The same simplicity and close to nature flavors his likes to have in his cooking. If possible chef Toni likes to start his day by foraging few hours before coming to work. He feels that it is the only way to know what is growing at the moment and that is really what determines his menu at Grön during the warm months.

Chef Toni is a Helsinki born. He graduated from Perho Culinary School in 2004. After graduation he has worked as chef de partie in restaurant Luomo (one Michelin star) andrestaurant G.W. Sundman´s (Bib Gourmand) and as a head chef inrestaurant Kaskis in Turku.