Slippurinn - Pop UP

SLIPPURINN is a family runned restaurant located in the volcanic Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) in the south region of Iceland. Housed in an old machinery workshop that used to serve the old shipyard the restaurant has been heavily focused on local and seasonal cuisine. Now doing a pop up at BERGSSON RE – in Grandi Area.

Foraging the islands with seaweeds and wild herbs, digging up old recipes and methods and combining with new and be ever exploring has been one of the key elements in the upcoming of Slippurinn. Focus on working closely with nature in both food and drink makes it a place where the diner can feel the time and place trough the meal itself.

Gísli Matt chef, who has been one of leaders in the upcoming rise of Icelandic cuisine in recent years is now teaming up with Leif Sorensen one of the pioneers in New Nordic cuisine to build a menu for Food and Fun.