Originally from Taiwan, Rita grew up in Vancouver Canada since the age of twelve.

In the summer of 2012, she left home for Paris to enrol in Ferrandi, a French culinary school. She then spent six months at L’Astrance, with chef Pascal Barbot as his apprentice. L’Astrance taught her the fundamentals that she needed to know and it was still the best learning experience she’s had to date. 

After Paris, Rita travelled a bit through Italy and Sicily, for the love of Italian culture and food. She then spent some time staging at restaurant Relae in Copenhagen. It was eye opening experience where she fell in love with the minimalistic way of thinking.

She moved back to Vancouver and worked at a couple acclaimed restaurants until an opportunity opened up in Copenhagen in 2015. 

Since then, she has been working for chef Christian Puglisi and at his restaurants. She had worked at Baest, Rudo, Relae and is currently the head chef of restaurant Manfreds.