Michele Di Pietro

Join chef and entrepreneur Michele Di Pietro, founder of New York City-based It’s All About The Food LLC, as she shares her innovative casual and street food fare, a passion which she brings to her culinary consulting clients across the industry. With 20 years of experience at both high profile, large scale retail and start-up fast casual cutting edge companies, combined with several years in public accounting, Michele is known for her unique “right brain + left brain” approach to her culinary development and business style. Thanks to this unique background and blended skill-set, Michele has become a valuable culinary advisor and strategist for an eclectic lineup of foodservice operations. Driven by a deep passion and energy for all things culinary while understanding what it takes to nurture foodie brainstorming sessions into profitable realities and practical business models, Michele actively seeks clients for whom she can make the greatest impact.

Raised in an Italian-American family in Southern New Jersey, Michele’s culinary education began with a collection of relatives as teachers in a household where food and cooking were central daily household activities. It was this love of 'bringing people together through food’ that ultimately led her to change careers and focus on developing delicious and healthful dishes and culinary concepts for thousands over the years. Recently, in addition to her professional cooking pursuits, Michele has been nurturing her love of home cooking with her brand Mangia With Michele, a 'passion project’ that focuses on bringing

authentic and innovative Italian flavors to everyone’s table. Be sure to check out her instagram page where she serves family-style inspiration & innovation in La Cucina Italiana!

@itsallaboutthefood @mangiawithmichele