Massimiliano and Matteo Cameli

The 2 brothers, Massimiliano Cameli (born 1974) and Matteo Cameli (born 1977) are both chefs and co-owners in the family-run hotel and restaurant Al Vecchio Convento, in the small medieval village Portico di Romagna in the green hills of the Appenines on the border to Tuscany between Florence and Ravenna.

They have inheritated their love and skills for cooking from their father, Gianni, who founded the restaurant and hotel together with their mother, Marisa, back in the 70’ies.

The food of Al Vecchio Convento is based on the raw material from the area, which means from the forrest: wild boar, deer, venage, mushrooms, chestnuts, wild herbs, truffles, oliveoil and wine. The old traditional recipies are mixed with modern cousine and methods.

Apart from being a chef and pastrychef, Massimiliano is also a certified Italian Sommelier and a dedicated musician. He has worked for several 5-stared hotels in Italy (Grand hotel Desbains, Riccione, and Le Conciglie in Riccione and Grand Hotel di Rimini) and he has been the event-maker and organiser of their international Chefs festival “Chef sotti il Portico” which has been taking place every second weekend of July for the last 8 years.