Marcus Jernmark

Marcus Jernmark’s passion for cooking began at an early age, growing up in Gothenburg, Sweden. His first kitchen job at the age of 14 was at a local golf club, where his culinary journey began.

When it became time to attend High School, he made a conscious and natural decision to attend the Burgårdens Institue of Restaurant and Hotel which led him to eventually working in the 5 star hotel, Salzburger Hof in Austria as well as the most luxurious spa in Gothenburg. After having gotten hands on work experience he decided to further his education, this time by attending the Culinary Institute of Grythyttan, Sweden. There he was able to grow his knowledge for both food and wine and come to a realization that this was indeed his passion and love. Parallel to his studies, he took on the position of Executive Chef to the founder of the school, serving at his private estate.

In 2006, Marcus was offered an opportunity to represent Sweden and its gastronomic reputation and work for the Consulate General of Sweden in New York City. There he was able to put in practice his long passion for Scandinavian cuisine and catered to a varied audience from celebrities, royalties and politicians as well as over 25 Noble Prize Winners. Through this unique network and being able to further his deep understanding of other cultures, Marcus developed a dynamic personality in both his food and presence.

Though the years at the Consulate was extraordinary Marcus missed the daily grind of a restaurant and wanted to venture out into the New York City restaurant industry, considered a mecca of in the culinary world.

It was only natural that he pursued such a career at the Three-Star rated Restaurant Aquavit, where he started as the Executive Sous Chef in June of 2009. After 6 months of working at Aquavit, he was given an opportunity of a lifetime, to assume position as the Executive Chef. Marcus quickly rose to the challenge and transitioned into the role, executing his vision of Scandinavian cuisine and reaching a milestone in his culinary journey.

In 2014 Marcus left Aquavit and took the position of Executive Chef at the 2 Michelin star Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm.