Marco Bistarelli & Lorenzo Fasola Bologna

"The story of Marco Bistarelli starts in Città di Castello (PG) where he was born in 1965. As a young boy he worked in his family's pizzeria and at the same time he studied in Spoleto to become a maitre'd. He was mentored by chef Vincenzo Cammerucci of the restaurant La Grotta di Brisighella who taught him some tricks and secrets of the trade. In ’92, together with his wife Barbara, Marco took over management of the restaurant of the hotel Tiferno in Città di Castello.

The turning point was in ’97, with the opening, still in Città di Castello, in the heart of Umbria, of his own establishment after renovating an old coach garage: thus started the adventure of Postale, mentioned in the main fine dining guides and honoured by a Michelin star in 2000. A refined yet simple cuisine, able to juxtapose unusual elements in specialities from the Umbria tradition, as should be the case in fine cooking at its best. A sensorially thrilling cuisine starting from the menu: all it takes is a look at the titles of the tasting menus to accept an invitation to a new experience of the palate. “Dell’acqua” (“Of water”), based on ingredients such as oysters, pears and pepper, carpaccio of scampi breadcrumbs and tomato, passatelli in shellfish broth, roast fish and other delicacies, or “Sensazioni” (“Sensations”), which offers among other things a fatty liver escalope and mustard-pear gelato, veal tripe with fava beans and pecorino, to end with white chocolate and red beet gelato.

""My dishes arise from ongoing research, an easel of flavours, shapes and colours, through which I try conveying my emotions,"" says Marco. Browsing the menu, one cannot but be struck by reminiscences of olden flavours, rediscovered along a daring route of innovation: the Sweetbreads with asparagus and parmigiano, the ox tongue with parsley and liquorice roots, the Colfiorito potato Gnocchi with farmyard animals are just some of the specialities from Marco Bistarelli's cuisine."

Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, in the green Umbrian countryside, and is considered one of best winemakers and olive oil producer in Italy and known around the world.

Monte Vibiano Vecchio is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy on a top of the Umbrian hills near the city of Perugia have one of the oldest olive oil presses in Italy, with a stone mill in the castle’s grounds dating back to 300BC and olive trees over a thousand years old. The olive oil have won many awards as one of the best in world.

Umbria is considered one of the great wine regions of Italy geographically, with some of the best of Italian wines, both white and red coming from the region.

Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio wines are catgorized as the grand wines of Italy.

Today – both the wine making and the olive oil pressing, is one of the most modernized in the world. Lorenzo have revolutionised the making of wine and olive oil in a expert quality way. All the buildings of the cantina are engerized with solar cells and clean green energy. That fits very well to the Umbrian philosophy as the green heart of Italy.

Lorenzo Fasola is a great enthusiast of Umbrian Cuisine and of course all of Italy. He has traveled all over the world to demonstrate the olive oil, food and wines from his home region. He has held numerous cooking classes of Italian and Umbrian food in his home, introducing amongst others journalists and his clients worldwide to the magic of Umbrian olive oil, food and wine. Those events have appeared in various TV shows and high style magazines in many countries. He has great passion for the environment. Lorenzo Fasola also make health products and cosmetics of high quality based on olive oil. Today Castello Monte Vibiano is as famous around the globe for its excellent products.