Leif Sørensen

Who would have thought that a child growing up on basic survival food would go on to be a world-renowned chef? After moving away from home to be a biologist, Leif was forced to cook and feed himself. Unlike many around him, he chose to get creative and experiment with his daily meals. Dropping out of his studies at the University of Iceland, Leif moved to Denmark to apprentice at some of the best restaurants in Scandinavia.

It was always Leif Sørensen’s ambition to return to his homeland and cook for the people he loves. He wanted to carry the Faroese people to a new culinary age that had never occurred before. The locals on the islands did not go out to eat and besides a restaurant connected to a hotel, there were no restaurant to do so. Establishing restaurant KOKS and creating an exciting food culture, that was always there, but never celebrated, Leif changed the culinary story of the Faroe Islands forever. Keeping the food simple and true to their roots, Leif lets the ingredients tell the story of the Islands on a plate. Transforming tradition into fine dining and beyond, Leif has created not only an edible, but also an intellectual experience that has gained global recognition.

Carrying on the mission statement of the New Nordic Food Manifesto, Leif strives to use all the raw materials the Islands have to offer. Despite their lack of fresh vegetables and few animals, Leif has brought his biology background in the kitchen as he forages for and devises new ways to use native faroese plants and herbs.

Now after leaving KOKS Leif is working on opening his own restuarant in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.