Kitchen and Wine 101

The hotel’s beating heart is the casual Reykjavik restaurant and the narrow bar with high walls and a glass ceiling where hamburgers and fashionable dishes sit side by side on the menu, all for a reasonable price. Kitchen & Wine is one of the trendiest places in town and serves delicious food, featuring a combination of modern Icelandic and international cuisine. The lounge offers the opportunity to relax with a drink from a wide selection of cocktails, wine and spirits

Kitchen and Wine offers a relaxed atmosphere at the center of downtown. Their main focus is simplicity and finesse and the key to their cooking is the use of seasonal ingredients. Diverse range of appetizers and main courses, for example seafood, meat, burgers and salads as well as sandwitches and more.

Head chef, Hakon Orvarsson is one of the most talented chefs in Iceland and has won numerous international awards. For example he was awarded the bronze award at the French Bocuse d’Or as well as a bronze award as Chef of Scandinavia. Hakon has also worked at Michelin restaurants all over the world and so is filled with wisdom.