John Kofod

John Kofod was born in 1965, in the kitchen in Voldsted, near Aalborg.

John graduated as a "hovemester" from Kogtved Søfartsskole in 1986. Subsequently, John worked in California, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and France. His career began, however, for real when John gained entry at the kitchen of Erwin Lautherbach at Hotel Skovshoved and later at Restaurant Saison in Hellerup - which John says were instructive and educational times.

In 1998 John Kofod bought Sortebro Kro and today John can say with pride that the restaurant has become very successful. Especially because of the contribution of his wife Melina who is in charge of the restaurant appearance and development. John is one of the founders of Akademie Bocuse d'Or Danmark where Prince Henrik is honorary. John has published cookbooks, been on television shows and has taken part in competitions, but it is the day-to-day in the restaurant which is most important to him.