Georgiana Viou

Chef Georgiana VIOU lives in Marseille, is 42 years old, a mother of three and self-made success.

Georgiana comes from a multi ethnic childhood in Benin, later in life she studied in Paris, followed by a passage in communication and back to her first love, culinary art.

Everything started with the culinary prize; “Le Taittinger des Cordons Bleus” in 2009. Shortly after that she landed by chance in the first edition of Masterchef France in 2010 in which she was a finalist.

This was followed by a passage in Paris at Sarah and Sylvain Sendra's Michelin Star restaurant, and at Hissa Takeushi.

Supported by Yves Camdeborde, she took the opportunity to undertake cooking workshops that later became "L'atelier de Georgiana". In addition to the courses, she offered a unique formula for lunch on the model of a Table d'Hôtes. It was a great success, with an impressive menu of the day. 

Georgiana hosts a series broadcast on a travel channel "Chez Georgiana".

The restaurant "Chez Georgiana" was launched on February 2nd 2015 - her first “real” restaurant.

Having gathered such esteemed success, she received 2 Toques at the Gault et Millau, and within six months a score of 13/20, and the prize of  "Jeune Talents". 

At Chez Georgiana she met with Anthony Bourdain and Chef Eric Ripert for a taping of the TV show Parts Unknown.

Two years ago, she participated with the opening of the restaurant La Piscine, and was given the role of leading the kitchen. 

In 2011, Georgiana published a booklet; Ma cuisine de Marseille. A personal vision and a local repertoire and in the past two years she has worked on an illustrated book, a treatment of Benin's kitchen through the spectre of its history and its endless colours.

After impressive collaborations in the past, Georgiana is now working on opening a new and a more personal restaurant in a few months.

Georgiana’s restaurant concept is bringing furnaces back to the centre stage, in a new and original setting; mixing Benin's culinary opulence, travel and literature while reinterpreting local cuisine that respects the ethos of the producers and their respect for local practices and products. Typically a cuisine d’auteur.