David fischer

David started his training as a chef in 1997 with the classical French Chef Daniel Letz. After training he went to Paris and worked there for two years at La Petite Sirene and at Arpegé with Alain Passard from 2001 - 2002. After that he moved to Rome where he worked a the famous La Pergola for 2 years after he went back to Copenhagen to as Sous Chef at Jan Hurtigkarl og Co. together with Jakob Mielcke.

He went back to his old training restaurant Le Saint Letz and became Head Chef there for and again back to Rome to La Pergola again. When living in Rome do as Romans.  He loved the small trattorias with the local atmosphere…”the simple Roman-Italian cooking, with few precise ingredients…often two, three ingredients and you have a fantastic dish”.

He really enjoyed the Italian lifestyle, even though all are busy the always give themselves time to eat, sharing plates and courses all in relaxed harmony.” He was taken by the way Italians dine and decided to open his own Italian trattoria in the center of Copenhagen –  “Hos David”. There he is true to his Italian influences but mixed with his native Danish ingredients.  Both the Danes and the Italians are known to enjoy the pastime and life of the good food and drinks. He is the first Chef outside the Mediterranean that wins the renown Olive Oil competition in Bilbao 2012.  His trattoria in Copenhagen is considered the place were the Chefs in the city go when they want to dine out Italian style.